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by All Points PR December 6, 2013

All Points works with national press to secure coverage for our franchise clients, positioning them as expert sources on storylines relevant to the franchising community. Take this piece as an example -- an article discussing multi-unit franchise growth, which includes All Points clients as quoted sources.

>>Wall Street Journal Article Features Perspective of Several All Points Franchise Clients

by All Points PR November 13, 2013 franchise public relations, franchise PR, Chicago public relations, Chicago franchise PR, Chicago franchise public relations, franchise PR firm, franchise PR, franchise PR agency

All Points PR secured press coverage with a major daily paper for a rapidly expanding educational childcare franchise. The article focuses on the brand's franchise development plans for the Kansas City Market, highlighting that the company recently signed an agreement to launch it's first center in the market.

>>All Points PR Secures Regional Media Exposure for Educational Childcare Concept

by All Points Public Relations April 11, 2012 National Coverage, Brokerage Firms, All Points Publicity

The All Points Team secured an article in a Salt Lake City business journal for a new business in town. The coverage was great exposure for the businesses two offices that recently opened in Utah and will attract residents looking to buy or sell a business.

>> Download Salt Lake City Journal PDF Results

by All Points Public Relations March 13, 2012 Franchise PR, All Points PR, Entrepreneurship

All Points PR secured an article with the Marietta Daily Journal about a Murphy Business & Financial Corporation franchisee's expertise on job loss in Marietta. The reporter interviewed and took a photo of the franchisee and angled him as an expert on the topic of former professionals being forced into entrepreneurship.

>> Download Marietta Daily Journal Results PDF

by All Points Public Relations February 23, 2012 Syndicated, Radio Publicity, Local Market PR

All Points PR connected with the host of "Newsmakers with Tim Bryant" on WGAU radio and secured an interview for CareMinders president Gary Kneller. CareMinders recently began working with the Wounded Warriors Program to provide Atlanta, GA families with quality in-home care. The interview focused on how families can prepare and what they can expect when their injured loved ones return from fighting overseas.

Newsmakers with Time Bryant - WGAU-AM

by All Points Public Relations January 4, 2012 High Profile PR, Local News Publicity, Franchise PR

All Points PR landed a major feature story with IndustryWeek on behalf of 5 Horizons Group (5H). This resulted from the interview we secured for the company's top executive with one of the publication's editors. In the article, Kevin Lehrer, managing partner U.S. operations, is positioned as a clear-cut industry leader and expert on Asian manufacturing strategies. The insight and information conveyed throughout the story demonstrate the know-how, experience and perspective 5H and its leadership team bring to the table for its clients.

>>Download Industry Week Results PDF

by All Points Public Relations January 3, 2012 local news, press releases, local market pr

All Points PR is supporting CareMinders Home Care's franchise expansion strategy for the Dallas-Fort Worth market with proactive media outreach. Here, we worked with the local Area Developer for CareMinders to profile the franchise opportunity, plus home office representation also was included through interviews we coordinated. Overall, this is an overwhelmingly positive article. The reporter did a really nice job with the information All Points shared.

>>Download Dallas Business Journal Results PDF

by All Points Public Relations December 23, 2011 local news, press releases, local market pr

The CareMinders Home Care Houston office requested that All Points support its efforts to spread the message about keeping seniors' spirits high during the holiday season. We connected with all of the relevant Houston local media and were able to secure coverage with a couple high profile media outlets. As a result, the Houston office created awareness for its business with several potential clients. The story also positioned the office's owners as experts in caregiving.

>>Download Chron Results PDF
>>Download Cypress Creek Mirror Results PDF

by All Points Public Relations December 7, 2011 Franchise PR, National PR, High Profile Publicity

Murphy Business & Financial Corporation is creating a ton of momentum for its franchise opportunity. Its winning business model has proven to be an attractive investment. In support of its franchise growth strategy and to build on the buzz, All Points PR secured coverage in the Franchise Update December e-newsletter. The piece ran in the popular "Winner's Column" and is certain to grab the attention of the relevant franchise industry audience that receives the newsletter.

>>Download Murphy Business Franchise Results PDF

by All Points Public Relations December 7, 2011 High Profile PR, Local News Publicity, Franchise PR

All Points PR worked with editors at Franchise Update to secure Children's Lightouse Learning Center's place in the December "Winners Column" of the publication's monthly e-newsletter. This is nice coverage with a captive franchise industry insider audience. It is sent to thousands of franchisees and franchisors. This is certainly something Children's Lighthouse can share with anyone in its franchise development pipeline right now as it can be used as validation for the franchise growth strategy the company has put into motion.

>>Download Children's Lighthouse Winners Column PDF

by Jamie Izaks December 6, 2011 Radio Interview, Local Marketing PR, All Points Public Relations

All Points PR scored a major radio interview for Kent Reed, Murphy Business & Financial Corporation's North Atlanta franchisee. The interview was with the Butler on Business program, a local Atlanta area business radio show. Alan Butler, host, is one of the South's most respected voices on business. He has a huge regional following. The discussion with Alan and co-host Jason Riddle focused on Kent's expert knowledge on buying and selling businesses, particularly the buyer side as it relates to today's sluggish job market in which individuals are almost being forced into entrepreneurship. All Points provided Kent with talking points and Q &A to prepare for the interview. He handled it very well. Plus, the hosts mentioned his business by name several times. It was a fantastic opportunity for Kent to spread awareness about his business and showcase his talents. Listen to the Interview below!

by All Points PR November 22, 2011 local market pr, trade pr, public relations

All Points PR secured this great Q & A style piece on, a dynamic, entrepreneurially focused site, with fantastic high profile executive interviews. The story we secured for MoneySaver includes many of the key messages about the company's franchising initiative and the business as a whole.

With a small business, entrepreneurial focus, the story definitely will resonate with visitors to the site. And, the coverage serves as a great piece to share with prospective franchisees as well as to place on the company's website.

Overall, this is very positive coverage, as Adam Squires, vice president of franchising for MoneySaver, joins some prolific leaders interviewed on the site.

>>Download Money Saver Feature in PR Results PDF

by All Points Public Relations November 9, 2011 social media, online public relations
Ed Teixeira recently interviewd Roger Murphy, the founder of Murphy Business and Financial Corporate who has been franchising since 2006. Murphy B&F is a successful operation with 127 operating franchises. All Points Public Relations secured high profile exposure for Murphy Business and Financial Corporation to support the organization's PR and Franchise PR efforts. >>Download Murphy Franchise PR Results

by All Points Public Relations October 10, 2011 press releases, pr results, local market pr

5 Horizons Group, a leader in developing and implementing Asian Manufacturing strategies for U.S. consumer houseware, outdoor and gift manufacturers, contacted All Points Public Relations for PR professional assistance in announcing the appointments of Keri Kiblinger and Joseph Brody to their respective positions within the organization. First, Furniture World Magazine, a leading magazine for the furniture industry, picked up the story in their publication. Days later, Gifts and Decorative Accessories, a gift industry leader, picked up the story. Just recently, Home Accents Today, another leader in the home, furniture and home accents industry, picked up the story. You can see the results in the downloadable PDFs below. If you have questions about my process and would like to see these same results for your business, call All Points PR at 847.580.4233 today!

>>Download Furniture World PR Results PDF
>>Download Gifts & Decorative Accessories PR Results PDF
>>Download Home Accents Today PR Results PDF

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