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Quick Analysis of Costa Concordia Crisis Communications

by Jamie Izaks January 17, 2012 Crisis Communication, Public Relations, PR
Chicago PR Firm Crisis Communications

The images from the sunken Costa Concordia send chills up my spine…they are flat-out frightening.

The deaths and consequences are too much to comprehend for those of us who couldn't hear and feel the tremors of a massive structure sinking into the sea.

We are left only in our own thoughts and conversations with others about the situation.

Costa Concordia itself is shaping our perspectives they've made some bold moves and statements since the horrifying accident. One thing I noticed immediately was their public relations stance placing blame directly on the captain it was "human error" they said.

And, it very well may be. For Costa Concordia, that course of blame has led to headlines blasting the captain…and he'll be in court to discuss the disaster.

I came across a well-written PR analysis of the how Costa Concordia has handled the crisis thus far from a communications stand point.

I know this is meaningless compared to the loss of life, but when company crises happen, the communications plan is critical. I've seen the impact in the travel industry as well, from my days at Hyatt Hotels. I've also worked on crises communication plans for restaurant companies, gyms and many other industries.

If crisis communications is a concern of yours, have a plan in place and put it into action when the unexpected occurs. All Points PR can help.




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