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Grand Opening Publicity Gives Businesses the Boost They Need

by Jamie Izaks February 16, 2012 grand opening support, public relations, All Points PR, publicity
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When it comes to getting the buzz going for a new business, there is nothing better than securing publicity in the local press.

Depending on the business and the grand opening plans that an owner wants to put into motion in terms of events and activities, the publicity can take several forms. This may include publicity in local newspapers, magazines, online, television programs and radio stations.

Regardless, securing the kind of publicity that makes a difference is why you hire professional PR firms such as All Points Public Relations. Fact is, new businesses open every day. Sharing with members of the local media that you are opening a new business may get you a few mentions and brief articles, if anything. But, a publicist who understands what compels reporters and editors to write feature stories will find the right hook.

For instance, when we work with the press on behalf of our clients for new openings, we always share a noteworthy human-interest angle/hook that elicits triumph, motivation and emotion. We share story lines that demonstrate overcoming the odds, beating personal and professional challenges, and living out ones dreams to bring a new business to life, whether that relates to management or ownership.

We know that starting a new business comes from the heart and takes endless devotion, commitment and time to get off the ground. That emotional element is what moves the press to write stories that can connect with customers and create an opening sales swell. It takes skilled publicists at a talented PR firm to properly pitch the press, write impactful press releases and secure the coverage that generates responses and heightens awareness. The short-term benefits can have long-term impacts. And, the advantages of great press coverage largely outweigh what paid advertising will get you.

If you are in the process of planning to open a new business and are seeking grand opening publicity, All Points PR can help.




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