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by All Points Public Relations May 22, 2012 All Points PR, Local Market PR
Chicago PR Firm Can Social Media Sell Franchises

For the better part of the last five years or so, franchise sales teams around the country have contemplated the importance of social media in the franchise sales process.

They've asked, "Is this the magic bullet?" And, they've pondered, "If I create an incredibly dynamic Facebook page, will I attract a greater number of qualified franchisee leads?"

The answer is "NO" to both these questions.

Like other elements of the marketing mix, it is important to put your best foot forward with a well-planned social media strategy that can be launched and maintained within budget. Similar to direct marketing, working with a public relations agency such as All Points Public Relations, or banner advertising, social media should be used as a call-to-action marketing tool, that promotes brand positioning and helps sustain and enhance brand loyalty.

There are several social media intricacies that make it unique, such as the fact that it allows proactive promotion, and reactive promotion, both relatively instantly without needing to bust through concrete barriers. But, social media needs to be weaved into overall brand strategies.

Social media is a MUST DO. It is a catalyst for sharing the good a i.e. news stories secured through public relations efforts can live longer lives by leveraging social media pages. And, social media is a way to offset the bad - i.e. responding to negative customer experiences.

All said, social media is an important part of enhancing the franchise recruitment effort, but alone, it is not the secret weapon that some are still confused about it being.

Is your franchise company prepared to move forward with a social media plan that improves franchise sales processes? All Points Public Relations, a Chicago-based PR firm focused on working with franchise companies, is experienced in planning, executing and driving powerful results with strategic social media tactics.

Give us a buzz and we can talk about designing a social media strategy.

by Jamie October 24, 2011 local market pr, PR, All Points PR, Public Relations

A good portion of All Points PR's business is outside of Chicagoland and even outside of the Midwest for that matter. But I am no fool when it comes to the importance of focusing a strategic PR campaign for All Points right here in my own home market.

So, yes I'm marketing and activating programs to build awareness for the business to my niche industry and the national audience on several levels, but I'm equally as focused on heightening visibility in the Chicago suburb where I have my office and throughout the greater Chicagoland area.

I am thinking global and acting local (while still acting global too or in this case across North America).

Local public relations is a cost-effective way for me to spread the word, build interest and generate leads. Utilizing PR, I've secured feature stories in my home market that have resulted in new business opportunities. What happens is: neighbors, acquaintances and others in the community see the news coverage, spread the good word and inquire about our services. Seems like a natural chain of events.

However, all too often companies that do business outside of their own home market primarily forget that there is an audience right in their backyard.

Here in Chicago, we get the sense that United Airlines markets a bit differently to their hometown audience the same for Motorola and many others. They are passionate about their local customers, conducting PR campaigns focused on media coverage with major Chicago media and news organizations in the suburbs that many of their employees and neighbors read, watch or listen to on a regular basis.

All Points Public Relations has more information to share with you about our comprehensive public relations services, including local market PR. We'd be happy to share our own achievements with this tactic and the successes we've had with it on behalf of our clients.




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